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For children to develop healthy smiles, it’s important to shape the growth of teeth and bite alignment to avoid complex problems like misalignment or jaw arches and overcrowded teeth. Not only can these issues put a damper on a young patient’s self-esteem, but they can also make maintaining a healthy smile more complicated in a patient’s adult years.

At Little Fish Dental, our Rocklin children’s dental services include full orthodontics, pre-orthodontic care, and Orthotropics®.


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Setting the Stage for Straight Smiles: Pediatric Pre-Orthodontic Care

Before a patient can have braces applied to straighten teeth and re-align an off-center bite, phase 1 or pre-treatments are often recommended to ensure that children’s arches of teeth are the proper size to accommodate the development of teeth or that bite alignment problems can be curbed before braces.  This is done to help expedite or shorten treatment during phase 2. These treatments can include:

  • Crozats - Named after the dentist who invented the device, a Crozat is a removable appliance composed of a few metal bars that are placed behind teeth. This appliance helps to re-shape the palate so patients are in the right shape to enjoy best results from braces. Crozats are discreet as they are placed on the backside of teeth and can be more comfortable than other devices that accomplish similar goals.
  • Palate Expanders - Unlike a crozat, this palette shaping appliance can be adjusted at home, per Dr. Trout’s directions. A palate expander contains a small gearbox that can be turned and place pressure on teeth to help correctly shape a patient's dentition. 
  • Space Maintainers - As children’s baby teeth begin to fall out and permanent teeth develop, it’s important to ensure that existing teeth don’t tilt into gaps and that permanent teeth have plenty of room to move into place. With a space maintainer, which is a small metal bracket with a bar, Dr. Trout can ensure exactly that. Think of a space maintainer as holding a place so your child’s adult teeth have a spot reserved just for them.

Dr. Trout’s goal in providing Phase 1 pediatric orthodontics is to ensure that the need for tooth extraction is limited and children’s teeth and jaw arches develop in a way that promotes best facial aesthetic (Orthotropics®) and dental function. 

Children’s Orthodontics in Rocklin, CA

After Phase 1 care is complete, our children’s dental patients move into full braces or Phase 2 orthodontics, which set them on the path to straight, beautiful smiles. Little Fish Dental’s orthodontic treatments include full bracketing and wires to correct any number of routine or complex problems with children's’ current dental alignment, such as:

  • Cross Bite
  • Under and Overbite
  • Crowding
  • Spaces Between Teeth
  • Impacted Cuspids

Not only are braces seen as a rite of passage for many young patients -- many of their peers have them and share similar treatment experiences -- but metal braces are the more conservative and predictable way to create straight, beautiful teeth that patients love to show off.  Patients can customize their treatment with brightly colored bands of their choosing at each appointment; at all times, we work to make sure your child’s experience at our office is fun and worry-free.

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Our Rocklin pediatric dental office shapes children’s smiles for a healthy and happy future. Contact Little Fish Dental today to learn more about orthodontic treatment options for your child.