Parents ask all the time about adult teeth looking more yellow than baby teeth. They are correct! Baby teeth are bright white and adult teeth have a more yellow hue. Whitening for children is possible once all the adult teeth are present.

Dental whitening is a procedure which lightens teeth. Almost anyone can benefit from dental tooth whitening. Our office procedure uses ozone and whitening gel. We also have a whitening gel that you can take home. Some parents whitening their children's teeth to remove stains, while others simply want a brighter smile. 


Microabrasion is a dental treatment that reduces the appearance of white lesions on the teeth. These stains may be caused by hypomineralization of the enamel. There are multiple reasons for white spots on the teeth, decalcification around braces from plaque being left around the brackets or occurs during development of the tooth. The treatment involves in office and at home procedures, treatment can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months.