kid's dental cleanings in Rocklin

One of the easiest ways to optimize your oral health is to maintain a regular schedule of having your teeth cleaned. A professional cleaning by Rocklin pediatric dentist Dr. Allison Trout will minimize the accumulation of plaque and calculus on your teeth. We will also provide you with instruction on personalized home care.

It is important to know that research shows a connection between oral health and heart disease, diabetes premature in infants, low birth weight as well as other medical conditions. Regular check-ups allow us to screen for any potential issues. Dr. Trout can determine treatment best suited to your specific needs.

Digital X-rays

Advances in dental technology have afforded us the opportunity to bring you cutting edge dentistry in the form of digital radiography. In conjunction with lead aprons this helps minimizes the amount of radiation your child may receive. The images of your teeth, supporting bone and gums are stored in your child’s file for future reference. Digital radiography is faster, safer, and more environmentally friendly.


Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps strengthen and remineralize the outer layer of your tooth enamel, to help prevent cavities. There are two types of fluoride applications: External and Internal.

External fluoride is applied/brushed/painted directly on the teeth. Fluoride is applied on your child’s teeth at their cleaning visit every six months. If your child is High Risk for cavities external fluoride may be recommended every three months.

Internal fluoride goes to the growing teeth. This type of fluoride is ingested, such as fluoridated water in your community. If your community does not add fluoride to your local water use a prescription of fluoride tablets or drops may be used to supplement.

MI Paste

MI Paste is a prescription paste that contains calcium phosphate and fluoride that will help to rematerialize and strengthen your teeth. We recommend using MI Paste to help rebuild weakened enamel and to reduce the appearance of demineralized white spots after specialized treatment.


This is a preventive treatment. When adult molars erupt the small grooves are not completely closed and your child’s toothbrush cannot effectively clean these grooves.  Sealants involve the placement of resin material that fills in the grooves on the chewing surface of your child’s permanent molars. This prevents food and bacteria from becoming trapped in the grooves which may result in cavities. The 2013 Cochrane review of dental sealants summarized information from 34 separate studies involving 6529 young people to whom a variety of dental sealants were used for preventing caries and found evidence that applying sealants to the biting surfaces of the back teeth reduces caries when compared to not using sealants.