Laser Therapy

Our laser uses water and concentrated light beams to remove or shape oral tissue, including gums, teeth, and bone. Benefits include reduced need for local anesthesia, minimized bleeding and swelling, and reduced postoperative discomfort.


The laser can be used on baby (primary) teeth to remove decay. In combination with the nitrous oxide, most of the time no local anesthetic is needed to numb the area completely.


The laser is also used to release ankyloglossia - tongue and lip ties

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level laser therapy is the application of light on damaged tissues to improve the speed and quality of healing. It works by increasing cellular energy and reducing free radicals. Laser and LED’s produce intense beams of light at specific wavelengths. When the right wavelength at the right intensity is used at the correct anatomical location for the right amount of time you can stimulate tissue, reduce inflammation and relieve pain. The three main areas with good evidence are: soft tissue injuries, joint conditions, back and neck pain.

There is growing evidence that lower level laser therapy is beneficial for orthodontic procedures and orofacial pain. Lower level laser therapy can also reduce the use of anesthesia for children or can be used to reduce the local discomfort of injections.

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