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At Little Fish Dental, children come first. Our Rocklin pediatric dental office caters to kids of all ages to prevent gingivitis, improve dental hygiene habits, and boost overall health. We want each child to enjoy their time in our dental office, which is why providing a comfortable setting and quality service so kids can feel good about the dentist is our top priority. 

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Kid’s Dental Services

Our dental office equips itself with modern dental technology to provide the best care possible for children. We provide services including routine check-ups, fluoride treatment, dental sealants, low-level laser treatment, fillings with lasers, and X-rays. For teens and those who’ve finished their teeth straightening with braces, we offer teeth whitening services that can be used at home, so there’s no need for recurring appointments.

We also offer fillings for baby teeth, which are best used in combination with nitrous so children don’t require too many numbing agents and can feel comfortable in the dental chair.

Early Frenectomies for Childrendental care for infants

A frenectomy is a procedure to remove the band of tissue located near the upper front teeth. In cases where tissue connecting the upper lip to the gum is too close to the teeth, it can move or displace teeth, causing gaps that must later be corrected with orthodontics. When teeth have already come in, performing a frenectomy will do nothing to bring the teeth together. This makes the frenectomy best utilized as a preventive dental procedure for children as early as possible and before permanent teeth move into place.

Myofunctional Therapy

Orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMDs), are common problems originating mostly during childhood and affect oral function. The condition can result in abnormal positioning of lips or jaw while the patient’s mouth is closed and relaxed but can be treated through our process of myofunctional therapy. Correcting OMDs early helps promote proper facial skeletal growth and development, assisting functions like speaking, chewing, and swallowing. Assessing OMDs in children assists in correcting disorders before kids reach adulthood, preventing many dental complications, such as misaligned teeth, jaw pain, and an off-center bite. 

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At Little Fish Dental, we provide families with service you can trust. Schedule a consultation with Allison Trout, DDS, our Rocklin children’s dentist and find out more about preparing your kids for a lifetime of good healthy dental habits.

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