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Rocklin Dentist - Allison C. Trout, DDS - Little Fish Dental

We are pleased to welcome you to Little Fish Dental, home to Rocklin, CA  general dentistry for children and adolescence, Dr. Allison Trout. When you visit us, you can be sure that your visit will be fun, comfortable, and efficient. We are committed to dentistry for kids and teens with a focus on overall health and wellness. We love to see our patients smile!

The Best in Children’s Dental Care at Little Fish Dental

Our Rocklin kid's dentist and team are here to serve you with the friendly attention to detail that is necessary for a stress-free dental visit and a healthy smile. At each step, our goal is to provide you with the most memorable experience possible, while helping to support healthy teeth that last into adulthood. Dr. Trout’s wellness focuses on the issues that are common for children and teens and the best therapies for addressing those, including:

• Orthodontics/Orthotropics
• Early expansion
• Laser Dentistry
• Sleep Apnea Treatment
• Fillings
• Frenectomies (Tongue tie & lip tie releases via a laser)
• Routine Cleanings

Kids are welcomed into our office for dental X-rays, biannual teeth cleanings, and an examination of any present dental problems, such as pediatric caries (or cavities). Children who are cavity-free get to have their pictures displayed on our No Cavities Club board out front. We also offer prizes for children after appointments to reinforce positive dental experiences, from fun-colored toothbrushes to a grab from our toy box.

At Little Fish Dental, we are here to ensure that everything we do, from the way we address health issues, to how we plan children’s dental treatments and the gentle manner in which we care for young patients, helps to support better oral health and confidence.

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Dr. Trout and her team believe in the quality of care and are most concerned about protecting children’s health through comprehensive dentistry. To schedule a visit with our Rocklin children's dentist, whether your child is younger or approaching their teenage years, contact Little Fish Dental today. We look forward to meeting you! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE      APPOINTMENT REQUEST